Daniella Smith (born December 26 1992, West London) is a British figurative painter based in the United States of America. She primarily works with acrylic paint on medium density fiber-board (MDF) and canvas. She studied at Kingston University in London and earned her Bachelors Degree in Art, Design and Architecture. Smith has been making art for as long as she can remember. From the age of two, she had a specific wall spot to draw on with anything she could get her hands on, from coloring pencils to mummy’s make up. Both of Daniella’s parents inspire her to follow her dreams and encouraged her to do whatever her heart desires.

Her work explores the ordinary experiences of everyday life. She is driven in capturing fleeting moments and fragmented journeys of everyday people. Everyone has a story to be told. Daniella finds that telling a story through art serves a purpose for humanity.

A believer that memories, recurring moments and storytelling remind us of what it means to be human. Travel centers her archival documentation of gathering information of finding beauty in every-day activities. 

Witnessing this fresh perspective on travelling, opened her mind and made her critically observe human presence. From there she used her two hour day-to-day commuting experience to London as a subject matter to condition every thought, every action and every motion to convey London’s daily existence.

Her method of working is to create a series of paintings (over 30 or more) related images one after another that enchants us with human acknowledgement and awareness.

 All content and images are created by ©DaniellaAnaSmith.